Business Analysis

Our Key Services

Our Key Services

Business Analysis | Technical Research and Consultation | Industry and Competitive Analysis | Collecting and Documenting Requirements | BRD/SRD/FRD (Functional Specs, Technical Specs) | User Stories | Flowcharts | UML | Use Cases | Wireframes | Process Mapping | BPMN | Business reporting.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis Outsourcing.

Hire or get help from our professional and certified business analyst for your projects. Every project starts with doing a groundwork. In order to realize the project to its maximum potential and be competitive on the market - one needs a strategic approach with deep insights. We can help you with that.

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Technical Analysis

Get reports and insights for your ideas, projects, partially completed projects, product development with our business analytics skillset. Business analysis reports includes recommended technologies, frameworks, smart solutions, budget approach, MVP/POC approach, Effort and Timeline along with the best practices for your requirement.

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Competitive/Industry Analysis

There are rules and ways of doing business in each industry - be it healthcare or ecommerce. What works in one, won’t work in another, and it’s important to take into account. With our domain knowledge, research skills and vetted profiles on different portals we can help you analyse your product/project.


How can Business Analyst Help?

We understand that you know your business well and have its best interests in mind. However, when it comes to development, it is the Business Analyst’s job to clearly define your ideas in technical terms so that developers can create the product you expect. Business Analyst serves as an interlink between the client and the development team that allows realizing every aspect of the project as close to the envisioned as possible.

There are two types of Agile business analysis involved in the project. One is required at the Presale Phase when we provide a detailed estimate of the project development process and team required for the task. The other business analysis is done further down in the process during Inception Phase when it’s time to write technical documentation and create use cases and data flows. While you can have your own BA, you can also get business analysis outsourcing services on the development provider’s side.