Serverless Technologies

Serverless Technologies

Scrumwheel and Amazon Web Services (AWS) together distribute agile, complete cloud solutions that blend the scale and performance of the AWS Cloud with Scrumwheel's industry-based digital services to help customers quicken their digital transformations, fatten their businesses and enhance customer experiences. Scrumwheel’s industry-specific knowledgeable property and expertise deliver the nimbleness, cost savings and innovation of the AWS Cloud to enterprises that want to modernize their applications and infrastructure.

Scrumwheel helps customers migrate, modernize and handle application workloads on the AWS Cloud, assuring that they take full benefit of the newest AWS innovations.

Key Offerings

AWS Automation

With a team of dedicated AWS developers, we deliver customised firmware of hardware devices, start and stop Amazon EC2 instances, schedule security group updates, or automate your test and deployment pipeline.

Restful API

We are experts at writing, integrating, modulating, documenting and designing powerful api's which never breaks down.

Multiple Runtime

We have expertise of multiple runtime environments. Such as Python, NodeJS and PHP (Custom Runtime) with database of your choice RDS, RedShift and DynamoDB.

Serverless Web Apps

We are experts at writing, designing and hosting web application on Lambda with server side frameworks like Laravel and Symfony.

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