Back-End Development

Backend Development

Choose Scrumwheel's offshore backend development services and get scalable, robust, and secure backend for your mobile apps or other interfaces/Products.

All powerful and user friendly mobile and web apps have an equally powerful and compelling back-end. Scrumwheel has a robust back-end development team who applies best industry practices to produce your website or application work efficiently.

Key Offerings

Custom Development

With a team of dedicated backend developers, we deliver custom backend solution for simpler and more complex web applications that store, process and manage data served from different sources.

API Management

We are experts at developing, integrating, modulating, documenting and designing powerful api's. It acts as a building block for all our projects.

Event Driven Development

By using MongoDB with Node.js development aptitude and NoSQL data schema, Our highly experienced backend developers create real-time communication applications and event-driven backends.

Migration to Cloud

Migrate your backend to cloud for a better spectrum of services provided by number of providers. With our tried and tested protocol we can scale your backend to wide range of cloud computing services.


Our Exclusive Services

With a wide variety of services, we offer exquisite quality work with our team of experts that helps us to gain a competing advantage over others.

Mobile App Backend - Integration with another systems.

APIs – Application Programming Interface.

Website Backend – Dynamic Sites, DB Management.

eCommerce – Magneto, Shopify-like.

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning.

CMS – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.

CRM – Custom/Additional/OpenSource.

Document Management Software.

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